Consulting Services: To Improve Cash Centers and the Cash Cycle

Even the best processes and systems have to evolve over time: They must constantly adapt to new framework conditions in order to stay efficient and high-performing. Our experienced consultants support our customers in achieving their efficiency and productivity goals.

All stakeholders, solutions and processes throughout the cash cycle have to function like a well-practiced team: Frictional losses and bottlenecks make the entire system inefficient. Experts can help by taking a different perspective, and picking up important details. They can identify weaknesses in operational sequences in a targeted way, and work with the customer to optimize cash handling.

Consultants from G+D Currency Technology have many years of international experience in the planning and optimization of cash management processes. Their profound expertise provides customers with a particularly wide basis for developing solutions, and therefore a clear competitive edge in their market. Each consulting service corresponds to the individual requirements for quality, security, and efficiency – from advice relating to individual processes in existing equipment, to entirely new and customized automated cash centers.

Our Consultancy: Added Value for You

  • A neutral viewpoint, alternative perspectives, and an instinct for important details

  • Experience from a wide array of projects and the application of best practice

  • Targeted analyses and improvement of weaknesses

  • International senior staff with expertise in regional requirements

Consulting for Cash Centers: Optimization in Three Steps Cash Cycle Analysis:

Our cash cycle analysis is targeted at improving cash operations, and preparing for future requirements. We analyze the current cash flow in the cash center, including data capture and data modeling, in order to derive quantity structures for replacement requirements, transport, and costs. All the information is integrated into a customized solution.

Cash Cycle Processes:

As part of our process consultancy, we develop a detailed and comprehensive requirement catalog; this is then used as a basis for creating a secure handling concept for incoming and outgoing cash flows between the customer and its business partners. In addition, we also provide advice with respect to operations for pre-and post-processing, materials transport, order picking, storage, and destruction.

Cash Center Design:

Consulting for cash center design strives for highly efficient and automated cash centers which equip the customer for future requirements. Our consultancy is scalable, from individual areas of responsibility such as targeted modernization of existing cash centers, to complete greenfield projects.