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The BPS C6 offers a nominal throughput of up to 72,000 banknotes per hour, sophisticated high-level sensor technology, a modular concept with up to 20 output stackers, and an extremely robust design: All features that enable the BPS C6 to support customers when it comes to overcoming current and future challenges in banknote processing.


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The BPS C6 is a high-performance, reliable and durable system which also features all the modern interfaces for embedding into integrated network solutions. For example, system interaction between cash management software (e.g. Compass VMS) and the diverse range of solutions in the BPS Eco-System, opens up additional ways to further enhance efficiency, transparency, and reliability in banknote processing.


Unmatched banknote processing speed of 1,200 BN/min. in all modes: counting, authentication, fitness sorting and serial number reading.

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