The BPS® B1

The Smart All-Rounder for Use in the Counters Segment

Compact, lightweight, and multifunctional: the BPS B1 is the ideal counting system for use in the counters segment. Its elegant shape and low weight make it a practical option in all areas where employees are in direct contact with customers - whether at bank branches, casinos, currency exchange offices, public transport authorities, or in retail. 

The BPS B1 helps commercial banks to do all-cash processing operations in their branches with high efficiency, flexibility, and a high degree of user-friendliness - from verifying authenticity and value, to simple counting and rapid sorting by denomination, series, and orientation. Retailers can improve the productivity of their cash transactions through fast accounting and advanced sensor technology for the verification of cash balances. 

A compact solution, no compromises
Flexible Use
The BPS B1 is a diverse, smart solution for a range of operating sites. It is ideally suited for bank branches' front-office operations, casinos, and in currency exchange offices for foreign currency processing. Public transport offices and retailers can use it for their applications. 
A Wide Range of Applications
Despite its compact size, the BPS B1 has a great deal to offer. Its advanced sensor technology offers secure authentication and inspires employee confidence in handling banknotes. A wide range of specific applications can be added, enabling the BPS B1 to integrate perfectly into existing workflows and the customers' IT infrastructure.
Easy Operation
The BPS B1 offers an intuitive user interface in order to achieve high productivity. Information can be instantly gathered from the user-friendly color LCD display, and operation modes such as "counting" and "sorting" can be easily selected using ergonomic keys. If needed, the banknote transport path can be easily accessed. 
The BPS B1 offers maximum security for all cash processes at the counter - while also achieving an attractive price-performance ratio. It can also be integrated into cash management software systems such as BPS Connect, Compass VMS, or BPS Connect Casino.

That's all the BPS B1 weighs. This lightweight unit has a small footprint, works quietly and discreetly, and is the ideal solution for the counters sector. 

Tech Facts:
Authentication speed: 1,000 BN/min
Fitness Testing Speed: up to 700 BN/min
Serial Number Reading Speed: up to 600 BN/min
Ticket Reading Speed: up to 600 BN/min
Currencies: Up to 10 currencies
Output Compartment Capacity (depending on BN quality): up to 200 BN
Reject Compartment Capacity (depending on BN quality): up to 50 BN
Dimensions (HxWxD) 27x28x28 cm
Weight: 8.2 kg
Electrical Specifications: 100-240 VA, 50/60 Hz
External Connections: LAN, USB, RS232, ext. Display
Certificates: CE, CB, GS

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How it benefits your daily work

The BPS B1 is powerful and compact. It combines ease of use with a small footprint, low weight, and high economic efficiency.

  • Secure authentication and value verification
  • Rapid sorting by denomination, series, and orientation
  • Multicurrency processing for up to ten currencies (opt.)
  • Serial number reading (opt.)
  • Barcode reader/TITO (opt.)
  • Check processing (opt.)