Compass VM


The BPS B1 is the perfect addi- tion to any cash processing operation. It is highly versatile, easy and convenient to oper- ate, and supports an unpar- alleled range of use cases. It can be readily configured for specific applications and offers rigorous security despite low processing costs. The BPS B1 is an ideal choice for:

  • Bank branches (front office)
  • Casinos (cage)
  • Exchange offices (foreign currency processing)
  • Public transit authorities
  • Retail

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The BPS B1 is powerful and compact. It combines ease of use with a small footprint, low weight, and high eco- nomic efficiency.

  • Secure authentication and value verification
  • Rapid sorting by denomi- nation, series, and orien- tation
  • Multicurrency processing for up to ten currencies (opt.)
  • Serial number reading (opt.)
  • Barcode reader/TITO (opt.)
  • Check processing (opt.)